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Xiaomi MIUI 12 global variant launched: best features, Super live wallpaper and updates.

by Ankit Semwal - May 23,2020 187 Views

The early access for the latest MIUI 12 update will be available for the Mi 9, Mi9T, Mi 9T Pro, Redmi K20, and Redmi K20 Pro starts from June. Later, it will be delivered 'model by model' in other Xiaomi smartphones.

The MIUI will start rolling out from June 12 in  China, and the firm has now unveiled the new Android skin on a global stage. This new software offers the users an abundance of features and has also made some improvements to the already feature-enrich MIUI. Xiaomi gives user updates about their latest android version on its blog post that privacy and protection are the most important in MIUI 12.?Users will also get 'Innovative System Animation' etc. with new UI design. Phase 2 of releasing rolling out MIUI 12 includes the latest models such as Mi 10 5G, Redmi Note 9 series, Redmi Note 8 series, and all other Mi series flagships from the last two years.



Top features of MIUI 12


1. Reinforced privacy protection

According to the Xiaomi blog post, users with MIUI 12 will be able to better control the permissions required for the app function which will ultimately increase security and provide users privacy. The OS will now notify every time an app is accessing a sensitive feature such as the cameras, microphone, contacts, location, and more. You can restrict any app to access your data with one tap.


2.Design and animations

Xiaomi has stated that it has redesigned the UI design for MIUI 12 and added system-wide animations. It has used the Mi Render Engine to make the application switching smooth. You can apps running floating windows while you use another. This is quite similar to what we have seen on Samsung phones before. Xiaomi further said that the data becomes more intuitive when given in graphics. Visualization saves time and makes interaction with mobile more intuitive. The MIUI 12 will bring more simplified interfaces and new navigation gestures. In addition, it includes Super live wallpaper and Always-on Display screens.



3. Ultra Battery Saver

There's also a new Ultra Battery Saver mode that brings a minimalist home screen with just the necessary apps. This mode activates only when the battery drops below five percent. So even in the low battery, it's extending the standby time of the phone without affecting the calls, messages, and network connectivity.


4.Dark Mode

Xiaomi confirmed that MIUI 12 there's also a new dark mode that implements the dark theme on third-party apps. This means you can even have WhatsApp, Twitter, and other apps completely in a dark mode. Xiaomi says that dark mode reduces battery consumption and also provides comfort to the eyes.