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Lockdown: Is It Safe to Go Back to the Gym? - Wit Journal News

by Bipin Chandra - Jun 05,2020 276 Views

As gyms reopen, is it safe to go? With the fourth phase of the lockdown set to end on May 31, gyms, fitness/yoga centers, and salon owners? associations have written to chief ministers urging him to allow the reopening of these ventures from June 1, but with strict safety precautions in place.

Unlocking India: Gym, Fitness, Yoga Centers and Salon

In Delhi, many letters send to CM  Kejriwal to reopen Gym and other fitness centers. As salon open in Lockdown Phase 5 so, fitness owners send a request letter to Government to Reopen fitness center also. There are around 5500 Gyms in Delhi but only a specific gym will reopen with some rules and specific guidance.

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Specific Guidance for Fitness-relates Organizations:

fitness-related organizations include but are not limited to gyms, fitness centers, personal training, dance studios, martial arts centers.

Distancing and Occupancy:
The fitness-related organization is required to:
1. Limit the number of individuals in the facility and focus on maintaining at least six(6) feet of physical distance between people. 
2. Online booking to reduce the crowd or a maximum number of people gathering in the room.
3. Determine the Maximum occupancy for different areas of the gym (e.g classrooms, weight room, locker room) and limit admittance accordingly.
4. Sanitize the gym/fitness center and every machine or thing after every 45min.
5. Check thermal screening of every person's entering to gym/fitness center.
6. For one to one personal training, maintain six(6) feet of physical distance between trainer and client.
7. Trainer and client should thoroughly wash hands with soap and warm water or use hand sanitizer ( 60-95% alcohol content) immediately before and after the appointment.