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E25Bio, a startup backed up by Tata Trusts develops COVID-19's testkit which provide Rapid result

by Ishan - Apr 21,2020 143 Views

A US-based startup E25Bio developed a test kit that can provide COVID-19's result within 15 minutes. This startup is initially funded by MIT Energy Initiative's Tata Center for Technology and Design, which is supported by Tata Trusts.

This Massachusetts-based biotech startup previously develops diagnostic tests for infectious diseases like dengue and Zika.? The test can identify if an individual has been influenced by COVID-19, within a short period of time compared to other tests available that are being used. The startup recently raised $2 million from Khosla Ventures to especially expand and manufacture trying out kits for COVID-19.?

"The Tata Center and the Tata Trusts believed in us and funded our early research before anyone else. Together with our manufacturing partner, High Media in India, we're very grateful for all their support?",says Bosch.

E25Bio's test kit resembles an over-the-counter pregnancy test and provides the test result within 15 minutes while polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based tests that typically take 24 hours or more in some cases to provide results.

Irene Bosch, CTO at E25Bio said "It is incredibly difficult to find nasal swabs for our clinical trials at the moment. Our team is also working to determine if alternate samples, like saliva, can be considered, which would help reduce patient discomfort, and potentially eliminate the reliance on nasal swabs."If a testing kit is made available over the counter, it could be a big relief for overburdened healthcare systems.

Also specific to E25Bio's test is the combination of a mobile app that provides the outcomes of the test over time and location. This function ought to prove particularly useful in accumulating valuable information about the spread of the virus, permitting patients to voluntarily share results with frontline workers, who're working hard for tracking and responding to the disease. This real-time information also probably enables governments to take preventative steps to control further unfold of the disease. This also encourages patients and potential patients for social distancing, which can play

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