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Android 11 Beta's new features: Chat bubbles, improved media controls, improved control over sensitive permissions and more

by Ankit Semwal - Jun 11,2020 264 Views

Not all glitter is gold: Most of the changes in Google's new Android 11 Beta are Updated or revamped features that most of you won't even notice.

Google is releasing the beta version of Android 11 on Thursday. The 18th version of the Android system (OS), which was announced in the first quarter this year, is now available on all Pixel smartphones( Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones. Since Android 10 Google discontinued  Alphabetical release names for major Android versions; therefore the latest version was immediately branded as "Android 11". Google says they focused on three key themes for Android 11 are People, Controls and Privacy. Android 11 is a “mature” operating system, which is to say there aren’t a lot of new features but it enhanced already exited features and manages its complexity. The new Android Beta version introduces features like bubbles, priority conversations, and new media controls. With priority feature, you can pin your favorite on your lock screen and allow their texts or calls or any other notification to popup even in do not disturb mode on your phone.


New Android 11 features

Android 11 update- Witjournal


  • Native screen recording: Google has been developing a built-in screen recorder to Android, and Android 11 confirms the feature will launch this year. You could use the screen recorder in the first Android 11 beta version but it is much more refined in Developer Preview 2.
  • Muting notifications during video: Don’t you feel annoyed when you’re filming something and you get a notification? That’s super annoying. This new version allows you to mute notifications while you’re recording video.
  • Increase touch sensitivity: Those who use don't want to scratch their screen will love this feature. Google added an “increase touch sensitivity” option to the settings menu that allows you to increase the touchscreen's sensitivity. If you use this feature, then it'll result in fewer missed taps and scrolls.
  • Notification History: Android never lets users see previously dismissed notifications, Notification Log basically hidden for users since Android 10. Android 11 developers hinted at a Notification History option in the first review and later confirmed it. This new feature will be pretty useful for users.
  • Auto revokes app permissions: Android 11 developer preview 3 has introduced a new feature to automatically revoke permissions such as camera, location, Storage, and more, from apps that haven’t been used for a while. This new setting can be turned on if you think you’re not going to be actively using an app after a few months.


Updated or revamped features


android 11 new features- Witjournal


  • Revamped menu: Android 11 will have a wildly revamped menu that gives you quick access to smart home controls, your Google Wallet cards, an overview menu (recent apps screen) to show larger cards, and (obviously) power options. Also, Google added a “Select” button to the overview menu.
  • Media players now shifted to quick settings: If you’re enjoying music on your phone, you’re used to accessing media players in your notification shade. In Android 11, the player will move to the quick settings area and get a few more tools, including on which device(Output device)  you want to play your music. However, this feature is switched off in development options even in Beta Version of Android 11.
  • Undoing recently cleared apps: Speaking of the updated overview menu, you can now also undo an accidentally closed app by just quickly swiping down on the screen.
  • Airplane mode doesn’t kill Bluetooth: Earlier, if you turn on airplane mode would also deactivate Bluetooth on your phone. People who turn on airplane mode while using Bluetooth headphones or speakers, resulting in having to turn on Bluetooth again. In Android 11, you don't have to turn  Bluetooth on again when airplane mode is activated.
  • App pinning in the share menu: You might remember a feature where Android lets you pin your most frequently used apps to the share sheet, but that feature was removed from Android 10. Now it’s back in Android 11.
  • Enhanced notification shade conversations: When you get a text from a friend, you can see the latest message in your notification shade under a new Conversations tab. Now You be able to see more of the texting thread and you’ll also have multiple new options to compose messages, including sending picture messages without even opening the app.
  • Conversation bubbles: The Android 11 new bubbles feature allows users to use texting threads in popout in the shape of a bubble that floats over other apps. This feature is already available for the Facebook messenger, WhatsApp but is available to all the developers. 
  • Context-aware dark mode: The new dark mode launched with Android 10 will get a redesign with Android 11: it has control to automatically activate or deactivate depending on the time of day. As spotted by Wit Journal, companies such as Samsung have already integrated this feature on their own, but now it will be seen in  Android as well.
  • Multi-colored Quick Settings icons: It has been hinted in some recent updates, you can change the colors of particular Quick Settings icons. It is interesting to see if it could just be a weird aspect of Android 11 or it could be a sign that Google is testing a newer UI-based way for users to do this

We will update you about Android 11 in future blogs. So keep reading and follow us